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Scoot Coupe Makes News After Appearance on ‘The Price is Right’

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The Scoot Coupe is becoming quite the topic of conversation. The Scoot Coupe has really entered the public consciousness after an appearance on The Price is Right, and is quickly becoming quite a popular water cooler topic as a car that can really take advantage of a tank of gas. Built by Panther Motors Inc., the Scoot Coupe is a two passenger car that is set up to be almost a cross between a scooter and a car, perched on three wheels, and designed to get great gas mileage for people driving in town.

The Scoot Coupe is being advertised as a completely redesigned version of the car, with wider fenders to create a wider base, rack and pinion steering, dual wishbone suspension, and ABS disc brakes on all the wheels now. The Scoot Coupe is also being sold with music players and other amenities, with the two new models from Panther being called the P50 and the P150. For a three wheel vehicle it is definitely an interesting venture further into the market for reliability and gas-savings, and another car that falls in line with vehicles like the Smart Car.

The Scoot Coupe is definitely a futuristic looking car, and one that may take some getting used to for people to buy into the concept. That is probably why the Scoop Coupe made its appearance as a give-away on The Price is Right (hosted by Drew Carey), and certainly why the car is now the talk of the town. The contestant competing for the little car ended up winning the prize, and now it seems to have become quite a popular toy in the market of affordable new vehicles on the market. For all intents and purposes this is a car, which can be driven on the road as such, but it is so compact that the Scoot Coupe may find that it is more of a niche product in the long run.

The Scoot Coupe is being advertised as going 60 to 70 miles per gallon of gas, putting it up as one of the most gas efficient cars on the market. It seats two people as was mentioned early, and comes with engines of either a 50cc size or 150cc. The car only tops out at 45 mph, so it isn’t geared to go on the freeways, and it’s being sold with an MSRP starting at $6199. It is definitely an interesting car in a market that has been saturated with luxury vehicles, but it also may not seem practical for people looking to pinch pennies. It doesn’t have room for much, so it could most likely only be a car for some small city travel, and for a good topic of conversation, but this looks like a car that could quickly become just a fad if consumers don’t put their money where their interest lies.


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