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New P50 ScootCoupes for Solano Cycle St. Augustine

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New P50 ScootCoupes have arrived at Solano Cycles in St. Augustine, Florida. With all the fabulous historic sites to see, the ScootCoupe has been a very popular vehicle for touring. “Its the perfect vehicle for exploring all the narrow historic streets and neighborhoods, they can go where the large trolleys can’t fit, and you get to see all the charm of this awesome city” said Panther Motors CEO Dom Livoti. We’ve had a great relationship with Solano Cycle since 2007, they are an excellent service provider and Im sure everyones going to love cruising around in the the new P50’s.

Be sure to visit Solano Cycles next time you go to St. Augustine and see all the great sites in your open air ScootCoupe. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram or visit the rental locations page on www.scootcoupe.com for full contact information.

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