Month November 2014

Month November 2014

Rehoboth Beach Scoot Coupe An Alternative To Biking And Mopeds

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What is a Scoot Coupe? We have heard this many times.

Our best way to describe these fun rides would be motorized cars with handlebars. It basically operates like a bike with a motor. Except you are sitting in a car and you don’t have to pedal! 😉

You may think we are crazy, but these fun cars do exist in Rehoboth Beach Delaware! They are some of the best beach rentals in Rehoboth!

We got hooked on these fun cars a few years back when we were bicycling through town. We saw a man riding one around… Dad got the address on the car, and the rest is history!

These cars are great alternatives for anyone who isn’t looking to risk getting on a moped. :) They are also great for getting around the downtown area.

How did we find them? One day while we were searching for moped rentals, we saw one of these nifty cars driving by.

“Hey!” yelled my Dad. “What are those? Get that phone number on the front!”

Ever since that day, we have fallen in love with these cars. These have been our absolute favorite rentals in Rehoboth. So much, that we actually abandoned the entire bike rental idea last year!

We even decided to rent them twice in one week.


They even have a horn, brake lights and side view mirrors. (Along with signal control!)

You need to make sure you obey all traffic laws… like stopping at lights and stop signs. :)

So how fast do these bad boys go? Up to 40 MPH. One word of caution though… don’t go too fast. My Sister and I pushed the speed of these things one time and we started to fishtail. They will lose control!

I also remember the time we got stuck going up a hill. These cars don’t have enough power to carry two people up a steep hill. You will get stuck! Not to mention that they don’t back up either. You have to get out and manually push! :)

Update: 2015

Fun In The Sun Rentals has been taken over by Scooter City! Same great location and great rates! $40 to rent a Scoot Coupe for an hour!

New Scooter/Moped Rules
Updated: June 2013

If you rent any sort of Scoot Coupe or moped during your stay in Rehoboth Beach, there are new rules.

  • There is now a parking fee for scooters – $40 for a season permit
  • You must park in the special scooter parking corals or pay for metered parking

If you don’t follow these rules, you may be subject to a fine of $50+ and your scooter may be towed.