Month August 2009

Month August 2009

Scoot Coupe Debuts Three-Wheel Scooter

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The Scoot Coupe three-wheel scooter suffers from the same ailment of their 2 wheeled scooter counterparts. Sure there probably fun to ride around in, but you don’t want any of your friends to see you out for a night on the town while driving one.

The scooters which are made by US owned and operated Panther Motors offer three-wheels with a sleek 2 seat design. They also come in two engine sizes 50cc and a whopping 150cc. While the engines may not be huge, the 80mpg they can achieve will surely draw some interest, especially from city drivers looking for a small alternative to their cars that is a whole lot easier to parallel park.

The P50 (50cc) version will run you $6300 with the P150 only slightly more expensive at $6500. Upgrades are also available for an extra fee and include such modern amenities as a built-in radio and ABS Disc breaks. [thanks to GadgetCrave] Read more at