New P50 ScootCoupes for Fun Rentals of Deerfield Beach

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Fun Rentals of Deerfield Beach has put a new fleet of ScootCoupes into service just in time for the busy Florida Spring Break season. Fun Rentals of Deerfield Beach was the birthplace of the ScootCoupe, where owner and Panther Motors Co- Founder Dom Livoti had the vision of creating a world class side by side tourist vehicle. Fun Rentals was the very first customer of Panther Motors back in 2005 and continues to add the newest generation of ScootCoupes to their rental operations. Established in 1991, Fun Rentals of Deerfield Beach continues to be a reliable provider  of recreational activities for South Florida visitors.

Stop in and visit Fun Rentals next time you’re in the Boca/ Deerfield area and take a ScootCoupe ride along Scenic A1A, one of Americas nicest coastal roads, we’re sure it will be the highlight of your visit. Follow Fun Rentals on Facebook and Instagram or visit the rental locations page at for full contact information.

New P50 ScootCoupes for Solano Cycle St. Augustine

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New P50 ScootCoupes have arrived at Solano Cycles in St. Augustine, Florida. With all the fabulous historic sites to see, the ScootCoupe has been a very popular vehicle for touring. “Its the perfect vehicle for exploring all the narrow historic streets and neighborhoods, they can go where the large trolleys can’t fit, and you get to see all the charm of this awesome city” said Panther Motors CEO Dom Livoti. We’ve had a great relationship with Solano Cycle since 2007, they are an excellent service provider and Im sure everyones going to love cruising around in the the new P50’s.

Be sure to visit Solano Cycles next time you go to St. Augustine and see all the great sites in your open air ScootCoupe. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram or visit the rental locations page on for full contact information.

New Fleet of P50 ScootCoupes for Panama City Beach

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Panther Motors is pleased to announce a brand new Fleet of ScootCoupes are available to rent at Classy Cycles in Panama City Beach, Florida. According to CEO Dom Livoti, Classy Cycles has been renting ScootCoupes since 2006 and is one of our oldest customers. The safety and durability of the ScootCoupe makes it a very popular item for both our customers and their clients. We really enjoy watching our clients succeed and value the long term relationships we have with our fleet owners.

Classy Cycles operates several rental locations along the strip in Panama City Beach,  stop in for a visit if you’re ever in town and enjoy a ride along the gorgeous Gulf Beaches. You can Follow Classy Cycles on Facebook, Instagram or visit the rental locations page on for full contact information.

New P50 Fleet for The Rent Me Superstore of Myrtle Beach

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March 1,2016

Panther Motors and The Rent Me Superstore of Myrtle Beach are excited to announce the delivery of their new fleet of P50’s. The Rent Me Superstore has been renting ScootCoupes since 2013 and according to General Partner Ricky Griggs they are an essential part of their overall rental business. According to Ricky, ScootCoupe touring is such a  popular activity for tourists visiting the Myrtle Beach area they have trouble filling the demand. We look forward to the Rent Me Superstore having a great summer season with our new Piaggio based P50 ScootCoupe’s.

If you plan on visiting Myrtle Beach this summer, please stop in and take a ride. You can follow The Rentme Superstore on Facebook or Instagram, #rentmesuperstore, #scootcoupe or visit the rental locations page on to find their full contact information.

Fun Time Adventure Rentals opens in Hollister

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Fun Time Adventure Rentals officially opened May 1 and, according to the owners, have been a great addition to the Hollister community.

Lindsay Eskew, along with her husband, Aaron, and parents, Greg and Lisa, own the rental shop of scoot coupes, mopeds and kayaks.

The idea to open the shop came about four months ago when the family was on vacation in Sarasota, Florida, Lindsay said.

“We didn’t really have anything planned,” Lindsay said. “We thought we’d do beach and fishing.”

scoot_Coupe_fun_adventures_1Then, little blue cars — scoot coupes — caught their attention, she said.

“It was on an island and my dad said, ‘Let’s go ride those cars,’” Lindsay said. “I saw a post on Facebook after I posted a picture and this lady said, ‘Are you in Branson on them things?’ And I thought, ‘Nope, but we done talked about it already.’”

After discussing the idea of bringing scoot coupes to Branson, about a month went by when Lindsay heard from her dad that he was done working construction after 35 years.

“My dad said, ‘I think I’m done in construction and can move to Branson to run the shop,’” Lindsay said.

Both she and her husband have full-time jobs, so this was all the prompting they needed to open the shop.

“We knew that we wanted to be in Hollister,” Lindsay said.

Aaron, who is a Hollister alderman, agreed.

“It’s something different we can offer, which is really cool,” Aaron said.scoot_Coupe_fun_adventures_2

Aaron said that the scoot coupes offer a very safe ride.

“They’re 49 cc, so they apply for all the moped laws,” Aaron said. “We put the flags on them and make them very visible.”

No driving on the highway though, Lindsay emphasized.

“It’s dangerous and the state police will pull you over,” she said.

To rent a scoot coupe, Lindsay said, a driver’s license and major credit card are needed. The safety deposit is $300, she said.

“That’s just to cover if it gets lost — a part of it — so nobody will just run away with it,” she said.

The scoot coupes are just one option at Fun Time Adventure Rentals, Lindsay said.

“We wanted something else to rent besides scoot coupes, so let’s throw in some mopeds for family reunions and kayaks and things,” she shared.

Originally, Lindsay thought the age range of people interested would be between 30 and 50.

“It’s been more of the older people,” Lindsay said. “Our oldest couple was 77 and they just want pictures, they were so excited, they were like, ‘What are those things? We’re so excited to rent.’”

In the future, Lindsay said she hopes to start doing scavenger hunts for folks who rent.

To rent, prices are:

• Scoot coupes: $45 per hour, for a scoot coupe, $90 for four hours, $170 for 8 hours

• Mopeds: $30 per hour, $70 for four hours, $95 for eight hours

• Kayaks: $10 an hour, $40 for a whole day or $55 for the tandems.

Area appreciation ends, Sunday, May 17, Lindsay said.

To check availability and scheduling, call 417-336-0311 or visit FunTimeAdventure

Rehoboth Beach Scoot Coupe An Alternative To Biking And Mopeds

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What is a Scoot Coupe? We have heard this many times.

Our best way to describe these fun rides would be motorized cars with handlebars. It basically operates like a bike with a motor. Except you are sitting in a car and you don’t have to pedal! 😉

You may think we are crazy, but these fun cars do exist in Rehoboth Beach Delaware! They are some of the best beach rentals in Rehoboth!

We got hooked on these fun cars a few years back when we were bicycling through town. We saw a man riding one around… Dad got the address on the car, and the rest is history!

These cars are great alternatives for anyone who isn’t looking to risk getting on a moped. :) They are also great for getting around the downtown area.

How did we find them? One day while we were searching for moped rentals, we saw one of these nifty cars driving by.

“Hey!” yelled my Dad. “What are those? Get that phone number on the front!”

Ever since that day, we have fallen in love with these cars. These have been our absolute favorite rentals in Rehoboth. So much, that we actually abandoned the entire bike rental idea last year!

We even decided to rent them twice in one week.


They even have a horn, brake lights and side view mirrors. (Along with signal control!)

You need to make sure you obey all traffic laws… like stopping at lights and stop signs. :)

So how fast do these bad boys go? Up to 40 MPH. One word of caution though… don’t go too fast. My Sister and I pushed the speed of these things one time and we started to fishtail. They will lose control!

I also remember the time we got stuck going up a hill. These cars don’t have enough power to carry two people up a steep hill. You will get stuck! Not to mention that they don’t back up either. You have to get out and manually push! :)

Update: 2015

Fun In The Sun Rentals has been taken over by Scooter City! Same great location and great rates! $40 to rent a Scoot Coupe for an hour!

New Scooter/Moped Rules
Updated: June 2013

If you rent any sort of Scoot Coupe or moped during your stay in Rehoboth Beach, there are new rules.

  • There is now a parking fee for scooters – $40 for a season permit
  • You must park in the special scooter parking corals or pay for metered parking

If you don’t follow these rules, you may be subject to a fine of $50+ and your scooter may be towed.

Scoot Coupe | New Transportation Technology

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Scoot Coupe combines motorcycle, car

I have seen a vehicle that crossed a plane and a car before. The maker called it more of a “roadable aircraft” than a flying car. Today, I came across the Scoot Coupe, which is basically a scoot_coupe_scooter11-300x244combination motorcycle and car, but it’s really more of a motorcycle with bucket seats.

The Scoot Coupe has three wheels and handlebars like a motorcycle. However, it carries the passenger and driver side-by-side in car seats. It gets great gas mileage, much the same as a regular motorcycle.

Slow going

A Scoot Coupe can only go about 40 to 50 miles per hour. Also, the Scoot Coupe has already been outlawed for safety reasons in some U.S. cities, so before you go blow your paycheck or loan on a Scoot Coupe, make sure you’ll be allowed to drive it.

A Scoot Coupe will run you between $5,000 and $10,000, so it’s not an ultra-cheap way to travel. But it is less expensive than a new car, and of course it gets 70 to 80 miles to the gallon.

Price disadvantage

Of course, the only way the Scoot Coupe is really a realistic idea is if you like to invest in stuff just because it’s cool. Obviously, because of the speed, the Scoot Coupe can’t go on the highway.

So the Scoot Coupe is neither an alternative to a car nor a replacement for a motorcycle. So, given the fact that you’ll have to spend between $5,000 and $10,000 on this thing on top of your regular transportation costs, it’s pretty pricey. At least, to me it’s pretty pricey. I am aware that some people spend that much on clothes any given day of the week.

Details, details

Scoot Coupes come in two models. The smaller one, which does not require you to have a motorcycle license, is the 50cc model. The larger size, 150cc, requires a motorcycle license to drive it.

Right now the price listed on the official web site for the 50cc is $6,299 and the price for the 150cc is $6,599. That’s better than the “up to $10,000” that Manolith reported,  but still not chump change.

Business time

The company that makes Scoot Coupe, Panther Motors Inc., is based in Florida. The official Scoot Coupe web site says that dealerships all over the country are selling them. It also says you should contact the company to find the nearest Scoot Coupe dealer near you.

So, here you go, contact away! The web site is, the company phone number is 954-682-3693, and you can e-mail

A familiar story

The Scoot Coupe, unfortunately, reminds me of the Puma, an experimental vehicle developed by GM and Segway. This vehicle is described as a “sit-down scooter” or a scooter-car hybrid. People are worried about safety above all else and usefulness when it comes to the Puma.

Like the Scoot Coupe, the Puma doesn’t go very fast and isn’t safe for the freeway. The Puma is being pitched by GM/Segway as an electric alternative to cars. With the Scoot Coupe, it seems we have yet another vehicle that will add to transportation options but won’t serve as a replacement for traditional cars.

The preachy environmentalist

So many companies are trying to develop vehicles that will replace cars. I don’t think that is necessarily the case with Scoot Coupe, but we’ve all seen this. I think that the key, instead of creating new vehicles, is to share the ones we have.

Carpooling and more efficient, convenient public transportation are the answer to helping the environment and people’s finances. It is going to take a long time for the “a vehicle for everyone, and everyone in his vehicle” mentality to become obsolete, but I am glad to see signs that society is going that way.

Beach couple wants you to scoot around town

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HAMPTON — Nick Anzalone and his girlfriend, Jessie Kalish, have been living on Hampton Beach together for a couple years now. Whenever they go away for vacation, they always notice one big difference in their destinations and the tourist spot that they call home in New Hampshire.

scoot_Coupe_hampton_beachHAMPTON — Nick Anzalone and his girlfriend, Jessie Kalish, have been living on Hampton Beach together for a couple years now. Whenever they go away for vacation, they always notice one big difference in their destinations and the tourist spot that they call home in New Hampshire.

“Wherever we’re at, in Florida, say, and upstate New York, we always saw they had a scooter rental in those vacation towns,” Anzalone said. “And so we noticed in the last couple years there hasn’t been one in Hampton or Seabrook, so we thought it was a good idea.”

The couple began thinking seriously about opening a scooter rental of their own, and after a year of planning they opened Scoot-N-Around Seabrook Scooter Rentals, LLC, right next to Castaway’s in the Seabrook Beach Village District at 210 Ocean Blvd, in Seabrook.

The shop official opened on Mother’s Day weekend but it had what they considered a grand opening on Memorial Day weekend.

The single-seat black scooters and the green, low-riding, two-seated scooters, called “Scoot Coupes,” are registered with license plates, meaning that, upon renting one, you can drive it directly into the road and join the beach traffic that rolls through Seabrook, over the bridge and on the main stretch of Ocean Boulevard.

So far the most successful form of advertisement has been for Anzalone and Kalish to take the scooters out and drive down the strip themselves. Kalish came up with the idea while she and Anzalone were waiting to open the shop on Mother’s Day. When they took the scooter out that sunny day, beachgoers swarmed them asking who they were and where they could get one of their own. Since then, it’s been their main form of advertisement.

“I was driving it around the other day, and I felt like a celebrity,” Kalish said. “Everyone was staring at me, taking pictures of me, yelling at me …; When we got home — I didn’t have my phone right on me, it was in my bag — I had six missed phone calls of people just looking at the scooter. I was like, that’s a great way to advertise.”

The couple originally tried to put the shop in Hampton, but they found it difficult to find a space to legally accommodate the scooters. They’re satisfied with the location they ended up with, though. It provides plenty of visibility for people driving up the coast from south of the New Hampshire border.

“The thing we love about this location is that everybody who comes from Massachusetts up to Hampton Beach has to pass us,” Anzalone said.

To make a reservation on a rental, call (603) 380-3966. You can visit them on their Facebook page at for more information.

The store’s hours are 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Thursday.

Scoot Coupe St Martin Tour

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Fun Mobile Adventure will take you to the famous Orient Beach where you can stroll the powdery white sandy beach or swim


Fun Mobile Adventure will take you to the famous Orient Beach where you can stroll the powdery white sandy beach or swim in the beautiful turquoise water, sunbathe, or just lounge in your beach chair, included free in your tour. Experience the curls and waves of the warm cresting ocean water, photograph breathtaking scenery, or partake in the water sport activities available. Options are yours!

The drive is entertaining, exhilarating and enlightening as you will see the beautiful countryside, learn about the island culture, customs, and share in the beauty on this Dutch side of the island. Take your camera!
Minimal restrictions make this adventuresome tour a “must do” for the entire family from 6 years old and up to fun loving and mobile seniors. The low riding Scoot Coupe can be challenging to enter and exit for anyone with lower back or knee injuries.

Enjoy “Miles of Smiles” and lots of giggles while traversing the rolling hills in this unique fun buggyMINIMUM OF PAX: 3 Scoot Coups (2 pax per coup)

Cost: $182.00 per Scoot Coup (2 pax per coup)
Duration: 3 hours

Scoot Coupe, Scenic Drive, Beach and Shopping

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Get ready for a one-of-a-kind adventure as you drive a Scoot Coupe 2-person, 3-wheel scooter that looks like a miniature convertible car! Your professional, English-speaking guide will provide driving instruction and helmets before you head out on the road. You will then join the caravan and discover the island of Cozumel on a scenic joyride like no other.

Scoot_Coupe_Princess_CruisesYou will drive to the northern side of the island, which is also the first area of that was developed in Cozumel. This makes the Northern are of Cozumel the most important historically for the Island. The tour will then stop at the Mestizaje Monument right in front of the beach; the guide will walk you through the area explaining how the local indigenous people after some time began mixing races with the Conquistadores from Spain. This is also a great photo opportunity.

After that you’ll head out of town and into the Northern more scenic side of the hotel district. We’ll stop at staple of old Cozumel where the beach and crystal blue waters meet. Here is where you will have free time to relax in the sun or go for a swim. This Beach Club is famous for the blue waters and friendly typical Cozumel feel. Play a game of beach volleyball, take a stroll, snorkel from the beach, or just bask in the sun. The scene is perfect to take in Cozumel for all its wonders.

The next stop is downtown, where you’ll have time to shop or go for a walk at the main downtown plaza. Once an hour of shopping and getting to know the local down town area is up, your guide will lead you back to the comfort of your ship.