ScootCoupes are built in our facility in Florida.
The ScootCoupe is a three wheel motorcycle manufactured to comply with Federal Safety Standards for Motorcycles. Our P50 model classes as a moped-type motorcycle in most states due to its 49cc engine displacement, in most states the P150 classes as a motorcycle.
The P50 model is classed as a moped/scooter in most states and requires no motorcycle license. Check with your local DMV for regulations pertaining to mopeds/ motorcycles. The P150 is classed as a motorcycle in most states and requires a motorcycle license to legally operate. California has a three-wheel motorcycle exemption which allows you to operate the ScootCoupe with a regular drivers license.
All ScootCoupes come equipped with two-point safety belts, front antilock disc brakes, independent suspension, rack& pinion steering, roll bars, high visibility brake lights, and full DOT lighting package.
Yes, the Scootcoupe is manufactured to meet or exceed all Federal Safety standards for motorcycles and is street legal in all 50 states. They are tested and approved for California and meet all CARB Requirements.
The P50 will cruise at 30 mph with 2 passengers and the P150 will travel at at a top speed of 55mph.
Some states have helmet laws regarding the operation of moped and motorcycle class vehicles. Check with your local police dept. or DMV for laws in your state pertaining to helmets.
The fuel tank in both models is 1.25 gallons so approximately 100 miles can be traveled on a tank of fuel.
ScootCoupes purchased for personal use come with a 1 year , 3000 mile parts and labor warranty.
Any ScootCoupe retailer can service your ScootCoupe. If there is not one in your area, we will work with any license motorcycle repair shop to rectify a warranty issue.
Parts can be purchased through any ScootCoupe dealer, by phone through our parts department, or on the website. Click here for online parts. LINK
All ScootCoupes are shipped fully assembled, just add gas and go. Depending on your unique circumstances they can be shipped via auto transporter to your home or crated and shipped via LTL carriers to a commercial address.
Shipping can cost anywhere from $200-$600 depending on your location. Please send an e-mail inquiry with your complete name, address and telephone number so we can get you an accurate quote.
Please e-mail us with your name, address, zip code and we will inform you of the closest dealer.
Dealers are required to have all proper DMV dealer licenses from their home state. You can not re-sell new motor vehicles unless you have a dealer’s license. Please contact us via phone or e-mail should you have a question not covered above.